Best wedding makeup look for your big day in Barcelona

Do you want to look fabulous on one of the most important days for you?

All brides want to be perfect and look unique for their wedding and the makeup artist plays a very important role on that day. My recommendation is always the same, put yourself in the hands of a professional and let him advise you on the bridal makeup that best fits you.

If your makeup is important to you and you want to be perfect on your big day,
I would love to be your makeup artist and make you look fabulous!

Hi, I am Erick Teran

Professional makeup artist and bridal specialist with more than 18 years of experience in the world of fashion and cosmetics, as well as in the training of professionals in the sector. I have worked with big companies such as Estee Lauder company, LVMH, Chanel and L'Oreal.

I am currently the National Make up Artist of Urban Decay , so I am in charge of representing the brand in all events in the country and training our internal teams.

It should be noted that I have worked in numerous national and international campaigns doing makeup on singers (Soraya, Ana Mena, Nerea de OT, Ruth Lorenzo), actresses (Danna Paola from the Netflix series Elite), television presenters (Lujan Arguelles), bloggers (Dulceida ), models and many brides who want to look perfect like you.

And now I would like to be able to work with you and show you the bridal makeup that you have always wanted.

My advice when choosing a makeup artist for weddings ...

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Bridal makeup, in my opinion, should be the one that makes you feel more comfortable, favored and, above all, that identifies you. I will be happy to advise you on it and find the makeup that suits you the most, always taking into account your style and your personal preferences. That is why my service for brides consists of two parts:

  1. A makeup demo where we will make the makeup options with which you most want to see yourself until you find the one you have chosen.
  2. And the wedding makeup where I will go to the place of preparation and consists of the preparation of the face, the makeup agreed on the day of testing and the application of individual false eyelashes.

In my case, I am a makeup specialist, so if a girlfriend is also interested in the hairdressing service, I collaborate with my partner who is a great hairdresser with more than ten years of experience.

Your wedding is a very special day

For that reason is key that on this day you feel good with yourself.
My goal is to help your most beautiful self unfold and make you look the best of your life.

Elige la opción que más encaje contigo para ser la novia perfecta.

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(*) Todos los paquetes contemplan servicio a domicilio para desplazarme yo y mi equipo al lugar del evento en Barcelona.

What other brides like you say

Wedding Makeup in Barcelona

If you’re looking for the best wedding makeup in Barcelona, look no further than Erick! His clients and industry experts alike agree that he is the top makeup artist in the area. When you choose Erick for your wedding makeup, you can be sure that you’re making the best decision for your big day.

Erick’s attention to detail and skillful application techniques ensure that you’ll look flawless and radiant on your wedding day. His knowledge of different skin types and tones allows him to create a customized makeup look that will enhance your natural beauty and complement your wedding dress.

But don’t just take our word for it! Many satisfied clients have left glowing reviews of Erick’s work, praising his professionalism, friendly demeanor, and exceptional talent. If you want to feel confident and beautiful on your wedding day, there’s no better choice than Erick.

So why wait? Book your wedding makeup appointment with Erick today and experience the best makeup services in Barcelona. You won’t regret it!

Contact me now and let's talk about how I can help you look unique on your big day

For a bride, celebrating her wedding day is one of the happiest moments of her life. Therefore, the choice of makeup turns out to be one of the most important aspects. Which is why it is always recommended to leave makeup in expert hands. So you have to hire makeup services in advance.

A good makeup artist knows how to find and highlight the beauty of each face. It is very important to know how to choose the right make-up artist with whom you plan to make the make-up service contract. And even more important to know how much time in advance these makeup services should be required.

It all depends, for example, on the girlfriends or on the day your proposal was made. Perhaps you are already clear about what makeup services you want for your wedding day. Even in that case, you must hire it as soon as possible to avoid having the agenda full.

In addition, it is important to do the makeup test months before the wedding. There are makeup artists who do this test two or three months in advance. But many others require more time, even six months before the wedding.

The reason is very simple, they need to prepare the skin. Some brides have very dry skin, others have marks on their faces that they want to remove and need to undergo special treatments that will take time. For this, it is necessary to contract makeup services in advance.

It is possible that the bride requires some treatment of luminosity, or some treatment for the spots. There are even brides who may need a slightly more complex aesthetic treatment, such as the application of hyaluronic acid or some touch-up with botox.

There is a unique type of makeup for each bride to feel unique on her wedding day, from those that offer a diva look to the simplest that are barely noticeable. It all depends on the taste and style of the bride, a professional makeup artist like me with more than 18 years of experience can adapt to your tastes so that you feel unique and more beautiful than ever.

The art of makeup is constantly reinventing itself, but it always maintains the goal of enhancing your natural beauty. This is the main reason why there are different types of makeup styles, all working towards the same goal: to enhance the natural characteristics and beauty of a bride. Contrary to popular belief, makeup is not something that hides and changes a person’s appearance, in fact, different makeup styles are used to highlight and accentuate the unique beauty of a bride.

The most requested bridal makeup style in Spain is a nude look, to enhance your natural beauty through shiny skin, with a light base to hide imperfections, slightly flushed cheeks, and lips like just bitten.

On the other hand, brides of other nationalities prefer their wedding day makeup to stand out and be more dramatic, incorporating pink tones and opting for a smoky look to highlight the look with intense tones.

Barcelona is known for its soft, natural wedding makeup looks that focus on enhancing natural features and glowing skin. Brides who want a bolder look can opt for statement lips or eyes, and many makeup artists in the city specialize in airbrushing techniques for a flawless finish. Whatever the style, it’s important to choose a makeup artist who understands the bride’s vision and can create a look that will last throughout the day.

Finding the best wedding makeup artist in Barcelona involves doing research, reading reviews, and viewing portfolios to ensure that the artist’s style matches the bride’s vision. Asking for recommendations from friends and family can also be helpful, as can scheduling a trial run to see how the makeup looks and feels on the skin.

To create a timeless, elegant wedding makeup look, brides should start with a good skincare routine to ensure a smooth, hydrated canvas. Neutral shades such as soft pinks, peachy tones, and natural browns work well, and products such as long-wear foundation, waterproof mascara, and setting spray can help the makeup last throughout the day.

Long-lasting makeup is essential for weddings, and brides should choose products such as primers, setting sprays, and long-wear formulas to ensure their makeup stays in place. Touching up throughout the day can also help to keep the makeup looking fresh and flawless.

During a wedding makeup trial, brides should communicate their vision clearly to their artist, bring inspiration photos, and be open to trying new techniques or products suggested by the artist. This is also a good time to discuss any concerns or preferences, such as allergies or sensitivity to certain products.

Brides can incorporate their personal style or cultural traditions into their wedding makeup look by choosing colors or styles that reflect their heritage or using accessories such as floral crowns or veils. Makeup artists can offer suggestions on how to incorporate cultural elements into the makeup look.

Common mistakes to avoid with wedding makeup include overdoing it with heavy makeup, not testing products beforehand, and forgetting to touch up throughout the day. It’s important to strike a balance between looking glamorous and natural, and to choose products that work well with the bride’s skin type and tone.

Wedding makeup should complement the bride’s overall look by taking into account the dress, hair, and accessories. Neutral shades are generally safe choices, but makeup artists can also offer suggestions for bolder looks that will work well with the bride’s style. It’s important to choose a makeup artist who can create a cohesive look that enhances the bride’s natural beauty and makes her feel confident and beautiful on her special day.




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