Tips from a wedding planner in Barcelona

wedding planner in barcelona

On this occasion I want to bring you the advice of Rebecca, a great wedding planner in Barcelona with whom I usually collaborate for those brides who want to marry in my wonderful city. Following you can read her best recommendations 👇👇👇

The art of wedding planning is something to be admired. It is not an easy process and is certainly not glamourous as famous weddings are, despite what popular media would have you believe. Still, there is a level of satisfaction gleaned from planning weddings that really cannot be compared to any other career. Professional wedding planners in Barcelona work hard to design and create their couple’s dream visions, bringing them into reality, and that takes patience, organisation, and class, amongst many other qualities. Each wedding is a journey for them, and no matter how talented they are, a professional wedding planner will always learn something from each job they do. Here are some of my tips.

Always have your documents

This is super important! Whether it is a civil or Catholic ceremony you are planning to have, certain documents are needed. Included in these necessary documents should be your birth certificates, plus proof that both you and your spouse to be are legally free to marry. Do contact your wedding planner in Barcelona or officiant for information on further required documentation.

Seasons are still important

With a beautiful warm climate predominantly all year round, planning a wedding in a Catalonia setting is idyllic. With this being said, during the peak season of summer, temperatures tend to soar as well as the tourist levels, so sticking to earlier or later in the year is highly recommended. We would suggest between April and June, or between September and November for a slightly cooler, less busy experience.

Clarity is paramount

Tell your planner exactly what you want! We are here to fulfil your wedding dreams as much as we possibly can within reason. We need to know what you envision for your big day. For example, what kind of venue are you thinking about? A church? Hotel? An outdoor wedding in expansive grounds? Maybe you want something small and sweet like the picturesque Los Tilos, as chosen by this wonderful couple. 

However, if it’s culture and architecture you are looking for in your wedding, Barcelona is the place to be! Breath-taking, beautiful buildings, brimming with history and culture, such as the Santa Maria del Mar church in Barcelona is an impressive candidate for a large, grand wedding!

It’s all about you don’t be afraid of asking to your wedding planner

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want in terms of themes and décor. Monika and Thomas, a gorgeous couple who fell in love in Hawaii, wanted to incorporate that theme into their wedding. You can find details here on how we managed to give them the tropical wedding of their dreams while including as much Hawaiian tradition as possible. 

Or how about a romantic Romeo and Juliet theme, as had by Caroline and Stephane here. They had their vision and we successfully delivered, dressing and decorating their perfectly Verona-esque venue, ensuring that each detail paid accurate homage to the Shakespearian love story, with hundreds of hanging lights, beautiful climbing roses, candelabra adorning the tables, even props inspired by the movie.

Time is of the essence

One of our brides has a great tip to share here. She advises to make sure you give you and your guests plenty of time to enjoy the day. You don’t want to be rushing one of the most important days of your life! She also says that you should let go and just enjoy. “Oskar and I didn’t leave the dance floor all night. We drank and ate and mingled with our 100 guests.” Just trust your wedding planner in Barcelona and enjoy your day.


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